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Floor Cleaning Phuket

There is stone floor everywhere in Phuket. No matter how well it is looked after everyday wear and tear still happens- even to the best laid stone. The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. are experts at reviving both natural and man-made stonework and tiles, rejuvenating them, and bringing them back to their original fresh appearance. They can help your floors recover from the daily grind we put them through.

With Phuket being a beautiful Thai tropical island, we must deal with many different factors when looking at your stone. Under the brilliant sunshine that we get here in the middle of the Andaman Sea your floors go through a lot year to year. Heavy rains, blisteringly hot sunshine, footfall, scuffs, substances being spilled on them are just some of the abuses that stone floors are subjected to.

The Stone Doctor Co. Ltd. use many different techniques to clean, recover, or seal your stone floors. No matter which type of natural or man-made stone you have down, we have the right products and services to help revitalise your floors so that you can see them sparkle and shine as you walk across them. The Stone Doctor use specialist imported stone cleaning products combined with almost 2 decades of knowledge.

We tailor the specific products used on your stone based on the materials you have laid down and to meet the needs of our clients. From luxury hotels to private residences, stone flooring is a Thailand staple for helping to keep places nice and cool, but it is not without its difficulties in keeping it clean, and that’s where The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. can help keep them looking and feeling fresh.

Here at The Stone Doctor, some of the services we provide for your floor cleaning in Phuket include: Diagnosis of problems with recommendations on solutions, stone recovery services, quality assurance of services done by The Stone Doctor, and training of cleaning staff.

As there are so many different types of stone on the market it is always best to employ a professional company to deliver an excellent service on something so vast as the floors on your property. Here at The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. we have nearly 20 years experience in floor cleaning in Phuket and we believe we are what you are looking for. We also ensure a healthy, safe and clean environment for your family, friends and pets.

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Tile Cleaning Phuket

Sun, sea, sand, and sun cream…just a few of the things that end up on floors in Thailand. The stone in your house or place of business goes through a lot of day-to-day wear; people walking back and forth, sand coming in from days out at the beach, and spilt sun cream and drinks are just a few of the day-to-day ways in which tiled floors can be harmed.

Daily cleaning and sweeping are must do jobs in Phuket with sand and dust appearing quicker than it seems possible to sweep it away and that is just the very surface level of the stone.

To get a deep clean different tile cleaning products and processes can be used. The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. knows how they can be used on each surface to re-vamp your tiles and make their appearance as good as new.

Just think how special your marble shower looked when it was new. With constant use it does not take long for signs of wear and tear and mould or staining to show, but the Stone Doctor can rejuvenate the tile and give you back that chic marble shower that feels sleek and luxurious to step into each morning.

Or perhaps your floors are suffering and you can’t get them to shine like they should no matter how much you scrub. No problem, leave it to The Stone Doctor- with their specialist knowledge they will be able to talk to you about what products and services will get your floors sparkling again.

Clean grout and tile will vastly improve any room’s appearance instantly. By doing a Stone Doctor tile clean you will get the benefit of dirt and stain removal, with the guarantee of a healthy, safe and clean environment for your family, pets and visitors.

Due to their vast experience of tile cleaning on Phuket The Stone Doctor is also able to advise villa staff on the best way to keep your tiles clean.

The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. tile cleaning service is an excellent way of significantly improving the look and feel of your property so please do not hesitate to call.

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Phuket Anti-Mould

For many years, property investors have been drawn to the shores of Phuket, and many of them have found themselves charmed by the beauty of the destination. Soon afterwards, they find themselves owning property that requires extensive cleaning and maintenance treatment which they were previously unaware of.

The Stone Doctor Co. Ltd. is a reputable surface cleaning and management service that has been operating on Phuket for many years. They utilise unique techniques to ensure that surfaces stay clean, mould stays at bay, and properties remain beautiful.

There are two steps to the anti-mould process, the first of which is an intensive deep-clean, where professionals with experience spot-clean particular problem areas whilst giving the overall surface an intensive refresh using a specialised surface cleaning product which both cleans and rejuvenates troublesome, yet common surfaces such as sandwash, concrete, cement and sandstone.

Many cleaning service sales people will tell clients that a high-pressure washer provides the deepest, most long term approach to cleaning such materials. However, this is actually a short term solution, especially in the tropical wet season, as this technique does not stop mould and algae from returning to the surfaces, and can even cause long term damage.

Seeking a long-term solution, the Stone Doctor Co. Ltd. utilises a low-cost periodic maintenance service, which is the second step to the firm’s technique to make sure your property looks its best all year round. The cleaning crew uses a smaller, silent spray pump and a year-round cleaning solution. This ensures that surfaces are not put under abrasive pressure, which can cause damage, whilst also ensuring the effective elimination of mould and algae.

Many homeowners on Phuket have signed up for this year-round treatment approach since its launch nine years ago. They appreciate the fact that the service causes no damage to their property whilst also guaranteeing the prevention of mould and algae, which can seriously impact on the aesthetics of a building, and ultimately results in a permanent loss of value.

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Property Cleaning Phuket

It has become increasingly popular for Phuket property owners to seek the assistance of specialist cleaning agencies with the expertise to offer attention to specific materials. The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. is one such agency, offering top-of-the-range cleaning for natural and man-made stone surfaces ( and also glass and stainless steel ) both popular building materials used in high-end Phuket properties.

Agencies with a particular area of expertise are able to offer a far more complete cleaning service than more generic maintenance firms, this translates into a fast but professional cleaning service that not only returns surfaces to their original beauty, but also takes steps to protect them against future wear-and-tear, damage or staining.

Stone surfaces are liable to damage from everyday hazards such as spilled drinks and food waste. For example, whilst marble is often used in Phuket homes for a stunning finish, the soft and porous stone absorbs stains easily, often resulting in a gradual de-colouring which affects its lustre, and although granite, another common building material, is more durable than a material such as marble, it can also stain.

Removing stains from stone surfaces is well-known to be a challenging process, one that many cleaning agencies are unable to offer. It requires the application of specially designed, top-of-the-range solutions as well as the knowledge of how to properly utilise these solutions without causing damage to surrounding surfaces and materials.

Cleaning stone surfaces can cause damage to the materials if the wrong chemicals are applied or if chemicals are applied incorrectly or without the proper preparations. That is why it is always wise to seek the assistance of a professional agency such as The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. that specialises in this type of cleaning and treatment. Experts offer risk-free maintenance solutions, which re-establish the beauty and integrity of stone surfaces whilst returning their timeless texture. Such techniques therefore save Phuket property owners time and money.

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House Cleaning Phuket

Natural and man-made stone surfaces and glass surfaces are popular in properties in Phuket, but due to years of improper maintenance, many of these properties have lost value as the visual appeal of the property becomes less impressive. This is why property owners in Phuket are increasingly seeking the assistance of professional house cleaning agencies that specialise in the maintenance and cleaning of surfaces such as sandwash, marble, sandstone, glass and stainless steel.

A trusted professional agency such as The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. takes extraordinary care in its work to ensure two things. First, that man-made and natural stone and glass surfaces will be returned to their original quality, with troublesome stains removed. Secondly, that they protect the surfaces in question against future damage and staining, all whilst working swiftly and professionally, taking care not to disturb the household or stain the area surrounding the surface.

Materials that can be cleaned and treated include stone walls and floors, segments composed of marble, granite, sandwash, terrazzo and porcelain, roof surfaces such as slate, terracotta and shingle, and separate treatments are also available for glass windows, doors and balustrade as well as stainless steel surfaces.

Specialist agencies, such as The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd., have a proven record of quality service and guaranteed results.  They use top-of-the-range imported cleaning products that are specially developed for the purpose, while a more generalised cleaning service will often treat these surfaces in the same way as any other material, resulting in less impressive results that do nothing to protect the surface from future damage.

Phuket homeowners return to agencies such as The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. as they trust the experts to take care of their property in the same way they do themselves, with care and attention to detail.

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Villa Cleaning Phuket

For private villa owners in Phuket, it has become increasingly difficult to find a trusted company that offers top-to-bottom cleaning and restoration services for sandwash, marble, sandstone and other natural and man-made stone surfaces, and also glass and stainless steel. The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. is one such company.

Indoor and outdoor surfaces made of such materials are commonplace in the private villas on Phuket, and it has been proven that the professional treatment of such surfaces with high-grade products drastically extends their lifetime whilst also increasing the property’s value by improving its visual appeal.

By using a trusted company with a proven track record, owners avoid the risk of damaging the surrounding materials and surfaces during the cleaning process, a common occurrence when relying on less professional cleaning agencies. The Stone Doctor takes the utmost care to ensure the surrounding surfaces remain safe throughout the cleaning process whilst also providing a swift and comprehensive job.

The team at The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. are all experts in their craft with a comprehensive knowledge of the clean up and maintenance of stone and glass surfaces. They understand how to remove troublesome stains created by common acids, organic material, metals, oil-based substances, paints, and other materials. Using tested imported products, blemishes are not only removed, but surfaces are protected against further staining in the future.

Restoring stone and glass to their original splendour is a sure-fire way to beautify your home on Phuket, and a smart approach when looking to increase the value of your property. However, it is important to hire trusted professionals who will do the job well and protect your surfaces from damage in the future. That’s why property-owners in Phuket keep returning to The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd.

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Home Maintenance Phuket

For property owners on Phuket, it is increasingly important to find a company that offers a dedicated suite of services relating to home maintenance.The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. is one such quality-driven company that provides top-to-bottom cleaning, restoration, protection, finishing, sealing, polishing, maintenance and other daily care for sandwash, marble, sandstone (and all other natural and man-made stone surfaces) as well as glass and stainless steel surfaces.

For the owners of private villas, business premises and hotels, such cleaning and maintenance services are particularly popular, especially on buildings with indoor and outdoor surfaces made of different types of stone, glass, or stainless steel. Professionally treating such surfaces with high grade solutions, and deep cleaning them regularly, extends their life considerably and also beautifies them, which can help add value to the property.

Using a professional cleaning service also ensures that surrounding surfaces and materials are protected during the treatment process, as well as plants and pets. Only the most effective, proven specialist treatments are applied, ensuring the job gets done swiftly and comprehensively.

Materials that can be treated include roof surfaces such as shingle, slate and terracotta, stone walls, floors, and segments composed of marble, granite, sandwash, slate, terrazzo, vitrified and non-vitrified porcelain. Treatments can also be applied to glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles, glass windows, doors and walls, as well as stainless steel surfaces and border materials, plus tiles or stone surfaces in shower, pool and garden areas.

Stone and glass cleaning experts know how to carefully remove stains such as those created by common acids, oil-based substances, organic material, metals, construction materials, paints and other colouring substances. With long-proven Lithofin cleaning and sealing products, damaged surfaces and nearby areas are protected from further staining or abrasion. In this way, treatments can effectively seal a range of surfaces to protect them from staining by damaging substances in the future.

More and more Phuket property owners are choosing to effectively restore surfaces to their original lustre and elegance and to protect those surfaces by using a professional firm like The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. Using such experts saves time, trouble and unnecessary long term expense.

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Roof Cleaning Phuket

A cleaner roof is a more durable roof – regular roof cleaning with effective treatments applied by professionals can extend the life of a roof by years, whether it sits on top of a home, business or public structure.

Recovery and anti-moulding of a roof also improves its appearance and protective capabilities, which is why it makes sense to use expert technicians and proven products such as those applied by Phuket’s The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd.

Such professional roof cleaning methods quickly remove ugly moulds,algae, fungus, lichens, moss and mildew, which will likely save on the high cost of premature roof repairs or even early replacement.

Staining organisms feed off organic materials that fall or gradually build up on your roof tiles, tar and wood. Roof moss, lichens and algae can eat right through your rooftop to the roof deck beneath it. Once roof rot takes hold, moisture enters through micro-cracks and destroys the roof timbers, often leading to mould growth inside the actual building.

Such interior growth can pose serious and costly “sick building” risks, including health threats to people and pets. In extreme cases, insurance companies may even cancel a home or business owner’s policy if they learn of endemic roof decay.

Another costly effect of a roof covered with algae, mould or moss is loss of heat reflection. Shingles and other surfaces absorb heat more easily when they’re not clean, increasing your air conditioning costs. This can be a serious financial consideration for property owners in tropical climates.

Professionals like The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd provide initial spot cleaning of troubled areas, they then clean the entire surface, and finally apply anti-mould agents and other specialist treatments. Only the finest specialist cleaning and sealing products should be used, ensuring effective treatment and a longer roof life. Such techniques ensure that roof surfaces remain beautiful for years to come.

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Slate Cleaning Phuket

Slate is a popular material that’s used in a wide variety of building types, including residential and commercial properties as well as marine and public or shared community spaces. Slate’s durability, clean look and neutral aesthetic blends readily with most décor schemes. However, just like most stone surfaces, slate must be suitably cared for in order to retain its optimum appearance and to guarantee its durability and resilience.

While slate is fairly resistant to normal wear and tear, it is actually quite a soft stone so can also be scratched. As a foliated metamorphic rock derived from shale, slate mainly consists of grains of mica and quartz, which gives it it an uneven surface with cleft plates that can spall or flake over time. It is therefore important to keep the stone free from the accumulation of dust, dirt, stains and especially oils.

Slate easily absorbs oils and oil-based liquids. It is also prone to mildew and mould when used in damp environments, such as outdoors, or in bathroom or kitchen areas. Such influences can permanently alter the look of the slate, and even ruin it with stains and odours. Soft drinks, cooking oils and many common household liquids can also cause serious, permanent marks on slate surfaces.

Professional stone care specialists such as The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. on Phuket are skilled at restoring slate segments and surfaces to their original appearance. They can give them added lustre and extend their practical life by several years. Such companies apply top quality cleaning solutions with skilled application techniques to deep clean slate surfaces and remove grime, stains, and discolouring. Using superior Lithofin products that have been tested and proven over decades, stone care experts know how to protect surfaces with sealants that resist oil based stains. The newly restored slate looks like new, and is much easier to maintain with simple washing.

Using DIY techniques can be disastrous for slate, as without proper experience and training, property owners often apply acidic solutions and use improper cleaning methods, further damaging the surfaces. Experts also know how to protect surrounding surfaces, and only use products that are environmentally safe.

By maintaining the original beauty and texture of slate surfaces, owners can help retain the value of their properties. Buyers, renters and guests appreciate the timeless attraction of durable stone walls, countertops, and borders, so hiring a professional company to look after such valuable investments makes commercial, as well as practical sense.

The technicians from The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. can also apply their skills and precision solutions to seal or restore other damaged stone surfaces including those made from sandstone, sandwash, terrazzo, marble, and granite.

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Window Cleaning Phuket

Glass surfaces including shower glass, windows, and balustrade often suffer from stains and etching. Phuket’s hard water is known to cause etching, while other culprits include inappropriate cleaning methods and products, soap scum, exposure to sprinklers, and salt.

By engaging the services of experienced professionals like The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. on Phuket to clean and protect glass surfaces, owners can reduce up to 90% of the work required to keep glass looking like new. In fact, the sealing of all kinds of surfaces with superior specialist products can last several years.

Why risk damaging glass surfaces using improper cleaning methods or damaging chemical products? Even if your glass surfaces have been scratched already, professionals trained in glass treatment can use refined restoration techniques to remove scratches and etching from water stains and chemicals. Recovered glass can then be sealed as new, with a clean, rejuvenated sparkle.

When it comes to protecting glass surfaces today’s professionals use state of the art products and since our sealants are not a lacquer type product they are UV stable and peeling, cracking, and discolouring are not a concern. Experts from The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd are also skilled at protecting any bordering surfaces as they work, so other parts of your home, office or commercial space will be unaffected by their treatments.

If you are building or restoring a dedicated space you can use a professional glass sealant, applied by experts, to protect new glass surfaces and give them a long-lasting, crystal clear shine. Ultra-thin non-lacquer type sealants also inhibit bacterial build-up, reducing required cleaning time and hassle. In Thailand’s harsh tropical climate, such preventative sealing treatments limit microscopic decay which can lead to irreparable damage, as well as repelling water and guarding against stains.

In addition to glass treatments, The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. provides intensive cleaning, restoration and sealing for all manner of stone surfaces, including marble, slate, sandstone, sandwash, granite and other man-made materials like terrazzo. Private and commercial customers increasingly rely on such professional companies to protect and care for their valuable natural surfaces, whether in marine settings, hotels or high-end residential and retail developments.

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