Floor Cleaning Phuket

There is stone floor everywhere in Phuket. No matter how well it is looked after everyday wear and tear still happens- even to the best laid stone. The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. are experts at reviving both natural and man-made stonework and tiles, rejuvenating them, and bringing them back to their original fresh appearance. They can help your floors recover from the daily grind we put them through.

With Phuket being a beautiful Thai tropical island, we must deal with many different factors when looking at your stone. Under the brilliant sunshine that we get here in the middle of the Andaman Sea your floors go through a lot year to year. Heavy rains, blisteringly hot sunshine, footfall, scuffs, substances being spilled on them are just some of the abuses that stone floors are subjected to.

The Stone Doctor Co. Ltd. use many different techniques to clean, recover, or seal your stone floors. No matter which type of natural or man-made stone you have down, we have the right products and services to help revitalise your floors so that you can see them sparkle and shine as you walk across them. The Stone Doctor use specialist imported stone cleaning products combined with almost 2 decades of knowledge.

We tailor the specific products used on your stone based on the materials you have laid down and to meet the needs of our clients. From luxury hotels to private residences, stone flooring is a Thailand staple for helping to keep places nice and cool, but it is not without its difficulties in keeping it clean, and that’s where The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. can help keep them looking and feeling fresh.

Here at The Stone Doctor, some of the services we provide for your floor cleaning in Phuket include: Diagnosis of problems with recommendations on solutions, stone recovery services, quality assurance of services done by The Stone Doctor, and training of cleaning staff.

As there are so many different types of stone on the market it is always best to employ a professional company to deliver an excellent service on something so vast as the floors on your property. Here at The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. we have nearly 20 years experience in floor cleaning in Phuket and we believe we are what you are looking for. We also ensure a healthy, safe and clean environment for your family, friends and pets.

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