House Cleaning Phuket

Natural and man-made stone surfaces and glass surfaces are popular in properties in Phuket, but due to years of improper maintenance, many of these properties have lost value as the visual appeal of the property becomes less impressive. This is why property owners in Phuket are increasingly seeking the assistance of professional house cleaning agencies that specialise in the maintenance and cleaning of surfaces such as sandwash, marble, sandstone, glass and stainless steel.

A trusted professional agency such as The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. takes extraordinary care in its work to ensure two things. First, that man-made and natural stone and glass surfaces will be returned to their original quality, with troublesome stains removed. Secondly, that they protect the surfaces in question against future damage and staining, all whilst working swiftly and professionally, taking care not to disturb the household or stain the area surrounding the surface.

Materials that can be cleaned and treated include stone walls and floors, segments composed of marble, granite, sandwash, terrazzo and porcelain, roof surfaces such as slate, terracotta and shingle, and separate treatments are also available for glass windows, doors and balustrade as well as stainless steel surfaces.

Specialist agencies, such as The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd., have a proven record of quality service and guaranteed results.  They use top-of-the-range imported cleaning products that are specially developed for the purpose, while a more generalised cleaning service will often treat these surfaces in the same way as any other material, resulting in less impressive results that do nothing to protect the surface from future damage.

Phuket homeowners return to agencies such as The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. as they trust the experts to take care of their property in the same way they do themselves, with care and attention to detail.

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