Phuket Anti-Mould

For many years, property investors have been drawn to the shores of Phuket, and many of them have found themselves charmed by the beauty of the destination. Soon afterwards, they find themselves owning property that requires extensive cleaning and maintenance treatment which they were previously unaware of.

The Stone Doctor Co. Ltd. is a reputable surface cleaning and management service that has been operating on Phuket for many years. They utilise unique techniques to ensure that surfaces stay clean, mould stays at bay, and properties remain beautiful.

There are two steps to the anti-mould process, the first of which is an intensive deep-clean, where professionals with experience spot-clean particular problem areas whilst giving the overall surface an intensive refresh using a specialised surface cleaning product which both cleans and rejuvenates troublesome, yet common surfaces such as sandwash, concrete, cement and sandstone.

Many cleaning service sales people will tell clients that a high-pressure washer provides the deepest, most long term approach to cleaning such materials. However, this is actually a short term solution, especially in the tropical wet season, as this technique does not stop mould and algae from returning to the surfaces, and can even cause long term damage.

Seeking a long-term solution, the Stone Doctor Co. Ltd. utilises a low-cost periodic maintenance service, which is the second step to the firm’s technique to make sure your property looks its best all year round. The cleaning crew uses a smaller, silent spray pump and a year-round cleaning solution. This ensures that surfaces are not put under abrasive pressure, which can cause damage, whilst also ensuring the effective elimination of mould and algae.

Many homeowners on Phuket have signed up for this year-round treatment approach since its launch nine years ago. They appreciate the fact that the service causes no damage to their property whilst also guaranteeing the prevention of mould and algae, which can seriously impact on the aesthetics of a building, and ultimately results in a permanent loss of value.

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