The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. supplies solely products from Lithofin of Germany. Lithofin have been focussed exclusively on the supply of products for the care of stone surfaces for 50 years.

Stone care can be broadly broken down into:

  • sealing and protection
  • recovery and renovation
  • enhancing natural appearance to ensure constant finish
  • daily care and maintenance.

Lithofin has products specifically formulated for these applications. Further, since there are different stone surfaces, each with its own characteristics, including:

  • porous natural stone such as marble, sandwash, sandstone, etc.
  • “hard” natural stone such as granite and gneiss
  • man made stone such as terrazzo
  • quarry tiles such as terracotta
  • glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles
  • vitrified and non vitrified porcelain tiles,

the extensive Lithofin range which extends to more than 42 products ensures the optimum solution for each situation.

Most problems encountered with stone surfaces can be avoided by treating the stone surfaces or tiles either before installation or immediately after installation – although clearly the installation process itself can create problems including:

  • grout penetrating the stone to create a picture frame effect on each tile
  • cement & paint residues left by builders
  • wax deposits from manufacturer’s protective coating.

If left untreated the following problems will develop:

  • staining due to water and other liquid spills
  • growth of mildew in bathrooms, creating unsightly black patches
  • limescale deposits in bathrooms and kitchens created by water
  • grease spots in kitchens and bathrooms from oil and soaps
  • build up of dirt as it is absorbed into the capillaries of soft stone surfaces such as marble and terracotta
  • growth of algae and lichen on outdoor surfaces
  • marble loses its shine.

Fortunately Lithofin has a specific solution to each of these problems, on each of the different types of natural and man made stone surfaces.

Finally in an effort to prevent or correct these problems, the use of inappropriate protection or cleaning materials will make the appearance of the stone worse.

Contact the Stone Doctor Co. to understand which Lithofin product is right for your situation be it home, office, commercial building, or marine environment.