Property Cleaning Phuket

It has become increasingly popular for Phuket property owners to seek the assistance of specialist cleaning agencies with the expertise to offer attention to specific materials. The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. is one such agency, offering top-of-the-range cleaning for natural and man-made stone surfaces ( and also glass and stainless steel ) both popular building materials used in high-end Phuket properties.

Agencies with a particular area of expertise are able to offer a far more complete cleaning service than more generic maintenance firms, this translates into a fast but professional cleaning service that not only returns surfaces to their original beauty, but also takes steps to protect them against future wear-and-tear, damage or staining.

Stone surfaces are liable to damage from everyday hazards such as spilled drinks and food waste. For example, whilst marble is often used in Phuket homes for a stunning finish, the soft and porous stone absorbs stains easily, often resulting in a gradual de-colouring which affects its lustre, and although granite, another common building material, is more durable than a material such as marble, it can also stain.

Removing stains from stone surfaces is well-known to be a challenging process, one that many cleaning agencies are unable to offer. It requires the application of specially designed, top-of-the-range solutions as well as the knowledge of how to properly utilise these solutions without causing damage to surrounding surfaces and materials.

Cleaning stone surfaces can cause damage to the materials if the wrong chemicals are applied or if chemicals are applied incorrectly or without the proper preparations. That is why it is always wise to seek the assistance of a professional agency such as The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. that specialises in this type of cleaning and treatment. Experts offer risk-free maintenance solutions, which re-establish the beauty and integrity of stone surfaces whilst returning their timeless texture. Such techniques therefore save Phuket property owners time and money.

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