Roof Cleaning Phuket

A cleaner roof is a more durable roof – regular roof cleaning with effective treatments applied by professionals can extend the life of a roof by years, whether it sits on top of a home, business or public structure.

Recovery and anti-moulding of a roof also improves its appearance and protective capabilities, which is why it makes sense to use expert technicians and proven products such as those applied by Phuket’s The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd.

Such professional roof cleaning methods quickly remove ugly moulds,algae, fungus, lichens, moss and mildew, which will likely save on the high cost of premature roof repairs or even early replacement.

Staining organisms feed off organic materials that fall or gradually build up on your roof tiles, tar and wood. Roof moss, lichens and algae can eat right through your rooftop to the roof deck beneath it. Once roof rot takes hold, moisture enters through micro-cracks and destroys the roof timbers, often leading to mould growth inside the actual building.

Such interior growth can pose serious and costly “sick building” risks, including health threats to people and pets. In extreme cases, insurance companies may even cancel a home or business owner’s policy if they learn of endemic roof decay.

Another costly effect of a roof covered with algae, mould or moss is loss of heat reflection. Shingles and other surfaces absorb heat more easily when they’re not clean, increasing your air conditioning costs. This can be a serious financial consideration for property owners in tropical climates.

Professionals like The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd provide initial spot cleaning of troubled areas, they then clean the entire surface, and finally apply anti-mould agents and other specialist treatments. Only the finest specialist cleaning and sealing products should be used, ensuring effective treatment and a longer roof life. Such techniques ensure that roof surfaces remain beautiful for years to come.

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