Sandstone Cleaning Phuket

Sandstone surfaces complement any interior or exterior design, adding a natural feel and look. This multi-use sedimentary rock ranges in colour from tan, red, brown and white to pink, yellow, grey and black. This means owners of hotels, private villas, homes and commercial buildings have many options when it comes to using sandstone.

Sandstone’s non-slip qualities also make the stone ideal around swimming pools and in bathrooms. The lush yet earthy look makes it a perfect transition material between glass, metal and painted surfaces. However, consistent quality care of sandstone is necessary to keep surfaces appearing their best.

Since sandstone is a soft and porous material, cleaning and sealing sandstone surfaces should be done to maintain a surface that resists becoming dull, dirty and lifeless.

Everyday acids such as fruit juices, as well as oils including cooking oils, can cause reactions to sandstone countertops and other surfaces. Glass rings and small etch marks cannot always be avoided, but using proper sealing before or immediately following installation can prevent most permanent damage.

In addition, sandstone surfaces, as with sandwash and marble, can become unsightly and even odorous if they yield to moulds and mildew. Do-it-yourself treatments can actually add to surface stains and even ruin the stone if the wrong substances and techniques are used. However, experts in these stone surfaces know how to remove stains and smells, lending them a new appearance and saving costly replacement.

For professional cleaning, it is best to consult stone maintenance firms such as The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. in Phuket. Such companies are skilled at removing stains and darkening agents, resurfacing where necessary, protectively sealing stone and getting stone surfaces looking like they were just installed.

Such recovery work is done using proven Lithofin products designed to clean, seal and preserve the stone. Professionals know how to impregnate stone with such agents that return life and beauty to the surfaces. They also use proper application, protect the bordering of inlaid materials and carefully ensure that the finished product looks great.

With the aid of a professional stone cleaning service owners can make countertops, decks, walls, floors and all other sandstone surfaces look like new and extend their use by several years.

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