Sandwash Cleaning Phuket

Using sandwash on an outdoor surface adds an attractive, nicely textured, non-slip finish that’s particularly practical around swimming pools and in beachside locations.

Many owners of hotels, beach clubs and private villas use sandwash to create appealing, safe areas that allow their guests and residents to make the most of the outdoor environment. However, when it comes to cleaning, sandwash surfaces require considerable care, and a number of factors must be taken into account.

Suitable cleaning substances should be used to remove stains, dirt and other intrusions that have changed the surface colour of sandwash areas. If the wrong preparations are used, they can actually make the surface even darker or more dis-coloured than regular wear and tear.

Professional cleaning firms such as Phuket-based The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. know the best way to remove stains and darkening agents without further damaging sandwash areas. In addition, experienced cleaners know how to protect nearby surfaces and other materials during the cleaning process, as well as how to avoid harming bordering grass and plants.

Also worth considering when it comes to sandwash is the type of inlaid tiles and other materials juxtaposed into the surfaces. If cleaning is not conducted by a knowledgeable professional team that knows how to protect and clean these sections and borders the area can easily end up looking worse than when it was first created.

Even the most durable stone surfaces are subject to damage from spilled liquids or oils. Showers constructed of sandstone, marble or sandwash can also succumb to moulds and stains, including unsightly mildew, which can create black spots and an unpleasant odour. Using a professional cleaning firm to treat these surfaces can save time, headaches and ultimately the cost of replacement.

Sandwash surfaces already installed in a building are often treated with impregnating chemicals that will extend the life and improve the look of the area in question. Using an expert for such tasks provides assurance that the job will be considered from all angles.

Such recovery and sealing work can also be applied to marble, sandstone, granite and terrazzo, improving the overall appearance of walls, floors, decks, countertops and all manner of other stone surfaces.

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