The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. has a team of trained professionals across Thailand. In addition we have an expanding base of Stone Doctor certified partners.

The Lithofin range is broken down into products for the following usage:

  • daily care and maintenance products available from leading retail outlets can be used by anyone
  • trade products for protection and sealing which can be used by building contractors who follow the instructions
  • professional products for recovery and restoration for which training and certification are required. (The process is not complicated but the product instructions must be followed exactly)

The Stone Doctor Co. provides the following services:

  • diagnosis of problems and recommendations on solution
  • recovery service via Stone Doctor or Stone Doctor certified partners
  • QA/QC if service undertaken by Stone Doctor partner
  • Training in application of Lithofin products for cleaning staff in commercial buildings
  • Training of building contractors to ensure correct application of Lithofin products

Contact us today to become a Stone Doctor Co. certified partner.