Slate Cleaning Phuket

Slate is a popular material that’s used in a wide variety of building types, including residential and commercial properties as well as marine and public or shared community spaces. Slate’s durability, clean look and neutral aesthetic blends readily with most décor schemes. However, just like most stone surfaces, slate must be suitably cared for in order to retain its optimum appearance and to guarantee its durability and resilience.

While slate is fairly resistant to normal wear and tear, it is actually quite a soft stone so can also be scratched. As a foliated metamorphic rock derived from shale, slate mainly consists of grains of mica and quartz, which gives it it an uneven surface with cleft plates that can spall or flake over time. It is therefore important to keep the stone free from the accumulation of dust, dirt, stains and especially oils.

Slate easily absorbs oils and oil-based liquids. It is also prone to mildew and mould when used in damp environments, such as outdoors, or in bathroom or kitchen areas. Such influences can permanently alter the look of the slate, and even ruin it with stains and odours. Soft drinks, cooking oils and many common household liquids can also cause serious, permanent marks on slate surfaces.

Professional stone care specialists such as The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. on Phuket are skilled at restoring slate segments and surfaces to their original appearance. They can give them added lustre and extend their practical life by several years. Such companies apply top quality cleaning solutions with skilled application techniques to deep clean slate surfaces and remove grime, stains, and discolouring. Using superior Lithofin products that have been tested and proven over decades, stone care experts know how to protect surfaces with sealants that resist oil based stains. The newly restored slate looks like new, and is much easier to maintain with simple washing.

Using DIY techniques can be disastrous for slate, as without proper experience and training, property owners often apply acidic solutions and use improper cleaning methods, further damaging the surfaces. Experts also know how to protect surrounding surfaces, and only use products that are environmentally safe.

By maintaining the original beauty and texture of slate surfaces, owners can help retain the value of their properties. Buyers, renters and guests appreciate the timeless attraction of durable stone walls, countertops, and borders, so hiring a professional company to look after such valuable investments makes commercial, as well as practical sense.

The technicians from The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. can also apply their skills and precision solutions to seal or restore other damaged stone surfaces including those made from sandstone, sandwash, terrazzo, marble, and granite.

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