Stone Cleaning Phuket

Natural Stone provides long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing décor for homes, offices and commercial buildings, giving a look that is not only attractive, but also reflective of its strength and durability.

Different types of stone and stone surfaces are available as small pieces, or as components like tiles that can be added to a building to enhance its overall feel and appearance. Stone is also often used for entire surfaces such as floors and walls.

The addition of a natural stone finish is popular in outdoor areas to frame swimming pools, surround fountains or beautify patios and terraces, but stone elements also add impressive grace notes to indoor spaces. In fact, natural stone can enhance virtually every design feature around it, as long as the pieces are installed appropriately and kept in pristine condition.

Typical stone types used in construction include granite, marble, slate, sandstone and terrazzo. Sandstone and sandwash surfaces create natural earth tones that complement a range of colour palettes, while marble and granite are ideal as counter tops or on floors and walls.

Marble comes in a variety of colours and is often used for its stunning finish, but it is also a fairly soft, porous stone, so it absorbs chemicals easily. This means everyday hazards like spilled drinks can affect its lustre. Granite is more durable than marble, but can also be damaged by common fluids, including soft drinks and cooking oils.

Removing stains from stone surfaces requires the precision application of specially formulated solutions, as does renovating surfaces that have succumbed to repeated wear and tear or water damage. Such techniques can be applied to man-made stone such as terrazzo, quarry tiles such as terra cotta, glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles, vitrified and non-vitrified porcelain or even naturally “hard” stones.

Skilled technicians at companies like The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. on Phuket know how to apply products like Lithofin to bring out the best in stones and stone surfaces. Hiring the services of professionals can save home and business owners the cost of care and replacement, while also re-establishing the integrity of stone elements and returning their timeless texture and sheen.

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