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Home Maintenance Phuket

For property owners on Phuket, it is increasingly important to find a company that offers a dedicated suite of services relating to home maintenance.The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. is one such quality-driven company that provides top-to-bottom cleaning, restoration, protection, finishing, sealing, polishing, maintenance and other daily care for sandwash, marble, sandstone (and all other natural and man-made stone surfaces) as well as glass and stainless steel surfaces.

For the owners of private villas, business premises and hotels, such cleaning and maintenance services are particularly popular, especially on buildings with indoor and outdoor surfaces made of different types of stone, glass, or stainless steel. Professionally treating such surfaces with high grade solutions, and deep cleaning them regularly, extends their life considerably and also beautifies them, which can help add value to the property.

Using a professional cleaning service also ensures that surrounding surfaces and materials are protected during the treatment process, as well as plants and pets. Only the most effective, proven specialist treatments are applied, ensuring the job gets done swiftly and comprehensively.

Materials that can be treated include roof surfaces such as shingle, slate and terracotta, stone walls, floors, and segments composed of marble, granite, sandwash, slate, terrazzo, vitrified and non-vitrified porcelain. Treatments can also be applied to glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles, glass windows, doors and walls, as well as stainless steel surfaces and border materials, plus tiles or stone surfaces in shower, pool and garden areas.

Stone and glass cleaning experts know how to carefully remove stains such as those created by common acids, oil-based substances, organic material, metals, construction materials, paints and other colouring substances. With long-proven Lithofin cleaning and sealing products, damaged surfaces and nearby areas are protected from further staining or abrasion. In this way, treatments can effectively seal a range of surfaces to protect them from staining by damaging substances in the future.

More and more Phuket property owners are choosing to effectively restore surfaces to their original lustre and elegance and to protect those surfaces by using a professional firm like The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. Using such experts saves time, trouble and unnecessary long term expense.

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