Terrazzo Cleaning Phuket

Terrazzo is a popular form of polished agglomerate material that is often used as a substitute for marble. Comprising quartz, granite, marble, glass and other materials, terrazzo mixes are often bound with a cement-like chemical such as epoxy or acrylic.

Terrazzo is prone to wear and tear and like all stone surfaces can be ‘etched’ by acids, including those contained in everyday liquids such as soft drinks and juices. It can also absorb oils and become stained, marring its appealing texture and look.

All spills onto terrazzo surfaces should be wiped up with a wet or gentle soap and watered cloth immediately after they occur. However, in many cases, professional deep cleaning is also required. Even supposedly neutral cleaning agents can damage terrazzo, because they still contain oils and even sand, which can cause abrasion.

Professional stone care experts like The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. on Phuket are skilled in restoring a wide range of surface types, including terrazzo, marble, granite, sandwash and sandstone. The services they provide to their clients also protect against damage to any surrounding surfaces and materials, whether in private homes or commercial properties.

While the sealing of terrazzo surfaces is often done before or during its installation, such an important task is often ignored by builders. In other cases, the work is carried out incorrectly, leading to dull or off colour surfaces. Some of the common problems caused by careless installation include residues from paints and cement, grout that creates a picture frame effect, and wax deposits.

Professional stone care experts know how to return terrazzo to its original look and feel, reviving the beauty and shine it was originally chosen for. The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. on Phuket uses high-quality products by German-based specialist Lithofin. The products created for terrazzo are specifically designed to seal and protect it, as well as to recover and renovate the stone, heightening its natural beauty and simplifying daily care.

By using such professionals and products, owners can install, maintain or restore terrazzo surfaces in a manner that will not only make them shine, but also retain their shine much longer.

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