Tile Cleaning Phuket

Sun, sea, sand, and sun cream…just a few of the things that end up on floors in Thailand. The stone in your house or place of business goes through a lot of day-to-day wear; people walking back and forth, sand coming in from days out at the beach, and spilt sun cream and drinks are just a few of the day-to-day ways in which tiled floors can be harmed.

Daily cleaning and sweeping are must do jobs in Phuket with sand and dust appearing quicker than it seems possible to sweep it away and that is just the very surface level of the stone.

To get a deep clean different tile cleaning products and processes can be used. The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. knows how they can be used on each surface to re-vamp your tiles and make their appearance as good as new.

Just think how special your marble shower looked when it was new. With constant use it does not take long for signs of wear and tear and mould or staining to show, but the Stone Doctor can rejuvenate the tile and give you back that chic marble shower that feels sleek and luxurious to step into each morning.

Or perhaps your floors are suffering and you can’t get them to shine like they should no matter how much you scrub. No problem, leave it to The Stone Doctor- with their specialist knowledge they will be able to talk to you about what products and services will get your floors sparkling again.

Clean grout and tile will vastly improve any room’s appearance instantly. By doing a Stone Doctor tile clean you will get the benefit of dirt and stain removal, with the guarantee of a healthy, safe and clean environment for your family, pets and visitors.

Due to their vast experience of tile cleaning on Phuket The Stone Doctor is also able to advise villa staff on the best way to keep your tiles clean.

The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. tile cleaning service is an excellent way of significantly improving the look and feel of your property so please do not hesitate to call.

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