Villa Cleaning Phuket

For private villa owners in Phuket, it has become increasingly difficult to find a trusted company that offers top-to-bottom cleaning and restoration services for sandwash, marble, sandstone and other natural and man-made stone surfaces, and also glass and stainless steel. The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. is one such company.

Indoor and outdoor surfaces made of such materials are commonplace in the private villas on Phuket, and it has been proven that the professional treatment of such surfaces with high-grade products drastically extends their lifetime whilst also increasing the property’s value by improving its visual appeal.

By using a trusted company with a proven track record, owners avoid the risk of damaging the surrounding materials and surfaces during the cleaning process, a common occurrence when relying on less professional cleaning agencies. The Stone Doctor takes the utmost care to ensure the surrounding surfaces remain safe throughout the cleaning process whilst also providing a swift and comprehensive job.

The team at The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. are all experts in their craft with a comprehensive knowledge of the clean up and maintenance of stone and glass surfaces. They understand how to remove troublesome stains created by common acids, organic material, metals, oil-based substances, paints, and other materials. Using tested imported products, blemishes are not only removed, but surfaces are protected against further staining in the future.

Restoring stone and glass to their original splendour is a sure-fire way to beautify your home on Phuket, and a smart approach when looking to increase the value of your property. However, it is important to hire trusted professionals who will do the job well and protect your surfaces from damage in the future. That’s why property-owners in Phuket keep returning to The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd.

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