Window Cleaning Phuket

Glass surfaces including shower glass, windows, and balustrade often suffer from stains and etching. Phuket’s hard water is known to cause etching, while other culprits include inappropriate cleaning methods and products, soap scum, exposure to sprinklers, and salt.

By engaging the services of experienced professionals like The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. on Phuket to clean and protect glass surfaces, owners can reduce up to 90% of the work required to keep glass looking like new. In fact, the sealing of all kinds of surfaces with superior specialist products can last several years.

Why risk damaging glass surfaces using improper cleaning methods or damaging chemical products? Even if your glass surfaces have been scratched already, professionals trained in glass treatment can use refined restoration techniques to remove scratches and etching from water stains and chemicals. Recovered glass can then be sealed as new, with a clean, rejuvenated sparkle.

When it comes to protecting glass surfaces today’s professionals use state of the art products and since our sealants are not a lacquer type product they are UV stable and peeling, cracking, and discolouring are not a concern. Experts from The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd are also skilled at protecting any bordering surfaces as they work, so other parts of your home, office or commercial space will be unaffected by their treatments.

If you are building or restoring a dedicated space you can use a professional glass sealant, applied by experts, to protect new glass surfaces and give them a long-lasting, crystal clear shine. Ultra-thin non-lacquer type sealants also inhibit bacterial build-up, reducing required cleaning time and hassle. In Thailand’s harsh tropical climate, such preventative sealing treatments limit microscopic decay which can lead to irreparable damage, as well as repelling water and guarding against stains.

In addition to glass treatments, The Stone Doctor Co., Ltd. provides intensive cleaning, restoration and sealing for all manner of stone surfaces, including marble, slate, sandstone, sandwash, granite and other man-made materials like terrazzo. Private and commercial customers increasingly rely on such professional companies to protect and care for their valuable natural surfaces, whether in marine settings, hotels or high-end residential and retail developments.

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